It all began in the Summer of 2013...


Liam Sturgess and Alex Balanko gathered in Liam's bedroom to record their very first albums, called Hit the Stage and This Way Up. From there, the pair went off to University to pursue a "traditional" education path but quickly realized their true passion lied in the creation and sharing of original music. While attending his first year at the University of British Columbia, Liam started Four Destinations Records to begin developing his network of musicians who shared his passion.

Alex discovered the Arts and Entertainment Management program at Capilano University and both boys were quickly admitted into the Advanced program, which led them to take on intern positions at Vancouver's prestigious media group, Studio Cloud 30 Entertainment. All the while, Alex and Liam's group of musical friends continued to release music on the 4D Records label and Liam began teaching guitar lessons as a pet project.

Eventually the pair realized that their strengths would be best exploited by committing to developing their own company, which led them to incorporate Four Destinations Entertainment Inc. in January of 2015.

Since then, the company is proud to have worked with over 70 individual lesson students, released 7 studio albums and many more EPs and singles, and become a growing household name in North and West Vancouver music. 

Learn more about each individual team member below!


Our Creative Partners

Portraits by Raunie Mae Baker

Liam Sturgess
Founder and Chief Creative Director

Kristian Goze
Drum Instructor

Cooper Sean Clark
Guitar Instructor

Liam Carsley
Producer // Bass Instructor


Alex Balanko
Chief Creative Director

Amy Williams
Recording Artist // Ukulele Instructor

Shakiel Mahjouri
Rap Specialist

Raunie Mae Baker
Photographer // Violin Guru


Emma Daly
Creative Director // Producer

Dustin Schwartz
Acting Instructor // Voiceover Coach

Rory Frost
Guitar Instructor

Mark Daudlin
Session Bassist

Open Positions

Piano Instructor

4D Academy

We're looking for a passionate, personable musician to act as a piano instructor for lessons in students' homes and in-studio. If you're interested in passing on your knowledge in either a classical/RCM or singer/songwriter style, consider joining the 4D Academy team!



  • Two or more years of formal or informal training/practice
  • Some prior experience working with children
  • Enthusiastic work ethic
  • Ability to drive not necessary, but a bonus!
Name *