Somebody Like You


Released May 23rd, 2018

Track listing:

  1. Just a Girl
  2. Distance
  3. You're the One
  4. Somebody Like You
  5. He Was
  6. Learn to Move On
  7. Anyone or Anything



Everyone made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
— Alysha-Lynn

Written and performed by alysha-lynn // PRODUCED BY LIAM STURGESS AND ALEX BALANKO // acoustic guitar by alex balanko // electric guitar by alex balanko and liam sturgess // Drums by Kristian Goze // Bass by Mark Daudlin // Violin by Raunie Mae Baker // Piano by Alex Balanko on track six // piano by liam Sturgess on Track two // Backing Vocals by Noah Poirier // Photography by Jordan DOak // Mixed by Liam Sturgess // Mastered by ADG Mastering

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"Somebody Like You" CD
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