Finish your song with high-quality mixing and mastering.

Once your tracks are recorded, send them to us to be mixed and mastered in our Rose Room sound studio.


Mixing is the process of combining your recorded tracks into one cohesive-sounding song.

Through the recording process, you will wind up with multiple tracks representing individual instruments and parts. The mixing process shapes the final song by balancing each track’s volume, placement, and frequency, among many other factors.


Mastering is the process of preparing a mixed track for mass distribution through physical or digital release.

This process optimizes elements of your stereo mix, allowing a song to have a consistent sounds across a variety of devices. Mastering can also unify the overall sound and feel of multiple tracks across an album.

Hear the Difference.


One song // $200.00 per song

Five songs // $175.00 per song

Ten songs // $150.00 per song

Includes Mastering service.


One song // $50.00 per song

Five songs // $45.00 per song

Ten songs // $40.00 per song

The above mixing and mastering packages include free revisions within 30 days of your first mix/master!

Mixing/Mastering for In-House Recording Projects

We’re happy to offer mixing and mastering as a part of larger recording projects through Four Destinations Records. For such projects, we charge $40.00 per hour worked on a mix/master, including revisions.