Rapidfire Drops "The Vancity Cypher" With an International Hip/Hop Touch

VANCOUVER, BC - Local hip/hop initiative Rapidfire Productions has released their very first group cypher video, bringing together established underground performers Ekke, Lil Gimch, Tyler Skyy and Eric $hawry.

Representing Ghana, South Korea, Canada and Nairobi respectively, the four rappers gathered at The Basement by Loyalty Coalition to demonstrate their talent and pride for their art. 

Rapidfire has been producing original video content and live events promoting Vancouver-based hip-hop artists since Fall 2016. The first-run of original videos, mostly featuring individual talent showcases, amassed over 115,000 total views. Beginning in 2018, the production team has expanded the format to feature multiple rappers and producers in a single video.

The "Van City Cypher" celebrates Vancouver's diversity with four rappers from four different countries of origin.

Watch the new video on Rapidfire's Facebook page!