Just Released: "Somebody Like You" Debut EP by Alysha-Lynn

After over a year of hard work, Alysha-Lynn has just released her debut studio EP called "Somebody Like You".

The country/folk/pop project began after Alysha and 4D Records President Liam Sturgess met onset while shooting an episode of Riverdale, and the two quickly hit it off. Alysha soon started sharing her musical ideas which quickly lead to the start of the recording process with Liam and Alex Balanko.

Along the way, Alysha's open-minded creative process inspired 4D team members Mark Daudlin, Kristian Goze and Raunie Mae Baker, who contributed bass, drum and violin tracks to the release. The sessions were frequently visited by Alysha's own friends and collaborators, which contributed to the flow of creativity and community development.

The result is a 7-track EP which emanates truth and passion, with lyrics that read straight from a diary entry. Alysha's talent is represented through a variety of sounds and thematic ideas, and is sure to inspire listeners to pick up the guitar and strum along.

"Somebody Like You" is available for download and streaming now on all major platforms. Order your exclusive copy of the limited edition CD from the 4D Records store!