"Take Your Time" Official Music Video by the Totally Awesome Choir!

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC - Four Destinations Records has just released the official music video for the Totally Awesome Choir's debut single, "Take Your Time"! 

The song is performed by the vocal ensemble consisting of over a dozen youth and adults of various musical backgrounds, featuring studio President Liam Sturgess, choreographer David Fisher, youth rock duo Unproperly (composed of Ethan Ko and Yin Xian Li), and group leader Jacob William. 

The video (also directed by Jacob William) is a visual representation of the journey through the song's inception, to the group's first rehearsals, and culminating in the recording of the song. Additionally, shots can be seen of the group practicing their choreography for their live debut at the Lonsdale Quay Market's Summerfest concert on Sunday, July 15th.

All proceeds from the sale and streaming of the song will go to benefit the BC Children's Hospital Cancer Foundation. The song can be purchased for a minimum of $1 through 4D's official Bandcamp page!

Listeners can also download or stream the song through a variety of major platforms - click here!