Sonus Motus debuts "Divided" Remix with Leo

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC and TORONTO, ON - Veteran electronic music producer Solomon Rodgers has released his official remix of Leo’s “Divided”, debuting his new artist moniker Sonus Motus.

Cover art for “Divided”

The electronic/alternative dance track introduces a new spin on Leo’s indie/electro-pop style.

“Divided” was released in its original form on Leo’s second album, Saints, back in July 2018. “Originally, I wrote it with Alex Balanko,” Leo recalls. “We were able to co-write it into this song which you have on Saints.”

“Saints” album by Leo

“Saints” album by Leo

"‘Sonus Motus’ is the moniker I’m using for this next step in my music career,” Rodgers explains. “In my own music, what I like to focus on is atmosphere… You’ll hear in the remix some compositional changes, but mostly it’s an atmospheric change. It maintains the quality of vocals and some of the production stuff I borrowed as well.”

Rodgers is no stranger to creating and sharing original music. In 2016, he released his debut studio album Constellations on Four Destinations Records, shortly after remixing another track of Leo’s called “H6me II”, both under the name Solar.

On hearing the “Divided” remix for the first time, Leo shares “I didn’t know what it was gonna sound like, and it just sounds so cool. I’m really, really excited about it.”

“Divided (Sonus Motus Remix)” is now available for purchase and streaming across many online platforms, including iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and more!