Leo Releases Sophomore Album "Saints"

Vancouver based Indie-Pop artist Leo just released her highly anticipated sophomore album “Saints”. The release date of July 29th also marks Leo's 19th birthday, and thus she describes Saints as more mature and refined than her debut release, TIDXLS, that she created and released when she was 16.

When listening to Saints, it’s evident that Leo’s primary musical inspirations are Drake and the late Amy Winehouse, especially while analyzing her writing and co-writing techniques. With guest appearances from Alex Balanko (4. High), and tyler skyy (8. Devil in Me), Leo beautifully showcases her ability to be a versatile collaborator. 

With an album release show as well as local radio play upcoming, things are sure to continue to move upward and onward for Leo. 

"Saints" is available for download and streaming on major platforms everywhere, and a limited-edition CD was just released through the Four Destinations Records store.