Brand New Music Video: "Tuesday Afternoon" from Liam Sturgess

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC - Four Destinations Records President and artist Liam Sturgess has just premiered the official music video for his song “Tuesday Afternoon”.

Originally released as a part of his Café des Rêves album back in January 2018, the song details the excitement and anxiousness the male character feels as he prepares for and imagines an upcoming date with a mysterious female character (portrayed by Shaida Joukar) - taking place on “Tuesday afternoon”, of course,

The video is produced by Martin Gregus Jr. and his family at AviaEye Productions. Martin previously worked with Four Destinations Records to produce Alex Balanko’s impressive Warehouse Session video series.

The idea “was simply inspired by the way us artists view life and relationships; I believe we don’t think of them as necessities, but more as rhythms in our lives,” Gregus Jr. explains. “When making such videos it’s always a fine dance between two different forms and artists, in this case it all just came together to form something, well, magical”.

“Tuesday Afternoon” is available for streaming and download on all your favourite platforms! To support Liam and 4D Records directly, purchase the song through Bandcamp.

Photo by Thomas Gasior, Photo Fabrica Inc.