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It's important to us that every artist we work with is well educated on how we operate, and how it relates to your work with us

Our Policies and Procedures are listed in detail on this page, broken down into our four main areas of artistic business; our music Academy, our Recording and Production studio, our Talent Agency and our Leadership Team.

If you have any questions at all or need clarification on any of our policies and procedures, please don't hesitate to email us at info@fourdestinations.com.



Four Destinations Records offers music instruction to individuals and groups through our Academy and specialized programs. Our lessons take place either at our North Vancouver studio location, or in the home of the student.

The content of our music lessons is specifically designed for each student's unique needs, goals and learning style with the intention of equipping students to pursue a career or hobby in music creation and/or performance.

While our selection of musical instruments and advanced subjects continues to evolve, our core lessons are offered in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, music production and singing.

Lesson Formats

We offer our one-one-one lessons in a variety of formats: weekly or drop-in, and in-home or in-studio. Below is a breakdown of the lesson formats we currently offer and what each format entails.

Our lessons are available in 30-minute, 45-minute of 1-hour lengths.

Weekly (In-studio)

  • 30 minutes // $30 per lesson

  • 45 minutes // $40 per lesson

  • 1 hour // $50 per lesson


  • Same price as in-studio, but add $5 per trip

Drop-In (In-Studio)

  • 30 minutes // $35 per lesson

  • 45 minutes // $45 per lesson

  • 1 hour // $55 per lesson


  • Same price as in-studio, but add $5 per trip

Weekly Lessons allow a student to book one or more weekly time slots with their instructor. We are able to offer a limited amount of bi-weekly time slots to allow students with varying schedules to take lessons every other week.

Drop-In Lessons are for lessons that occur outside of a weekly routine, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling.

In-Home Lessons take place in your own home. The location can be flexible, so long as it is agreed upon by the instructor and student beforehand. The $5 surcharge applies per trip, not per lesson. This means if three students in a household have lessons back-to-back, there will only be one $5 charge for the trip to their home.

In-Studio Lessons take place at our North Vancouver studio location:



New Students: Please fill out our registration form for your free introductory lesson here!

Current Students: To book, reschedule or cancel a lesson, or for any other scheduling-related inquiries, please email info@fourdestinations.com. Our policy is to respond to all emails within 24 hours, so as to ensure a quick and efficient scheduling system.

We invoice our lesson clients in advance of the upcoming month, for the lessons in that month. For example, in the final week of April, we confirm schedules and prepare invoices for May’s lessons. Payment is due within two weeks of receipt of the invoice.

We accept payment by Interac e-transfer, pre-authorized credit card, cheque, PayPal or cash.

Late payments are subject to 1.5% interest accrued monthly after the invoice is due!


We understand that cancellations and changes may need to occur for a variety of reasons, and we’re happy to accommodate!

Cancellations: Notice of the cancellation must be communicated to us a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time. This will allow us to automatically credit your payment for the lesson towards a future lesson, or refund the amount to you at your request. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be billed as normal.

We are happy to waive this 24 hour policy if the student is suddenly ill and unfit to attend their lesson, at risk of further ailing themselves or their fellow students and instructor.

Scheduling Changes: Occasionally, we’re able to accommodate scheduling changes outside of a student’s standard weekly time. If your booked time slot doesn’t work for you on a given week, let us know and we’ll see if we have another time slot available during the same week. If we’re unable to reschedule the lesson, then it will be considered cancelled and the Cancellation policy will apply.



Four Destinations Records provides creative and technical services in the recording and production of music, voiceover and audiovisual projects. Our studio facility accommodates musicians and performers of many genres, with no bias towards any style or creative preference.


We offer three different formats of recording/production session:

  • Recording/Production // $50 per hour - A session where instruments are being recorded or "tracked". Most of the time, this involves the artist booking a session at the studio to record their instrumental or vocal part with the assistance of a 4D Records engineer or producer. Occasionally, the artist and producer may also schedule a session of this form without the artist present, so the producer may lay down an accompanying track (which may not require the artist to be present). These sessions have a minimum billable time of 1 hour.
  • Recording/Production with a Session Musician // $70 per hour - The 4D Records team works with a range of talented instrumentalists who may be called in to provide accompaniment for a recording project at the will of the artist. These sessions have a minimum billable time of 1 hour.
  • Mixing/Post Production // $40 per hour - Any mixing/mastering/other post-production time falls into this category. These sessions do not have a minimum billable time.


Bookings for recording/productions sessions may be done by emailing info@fourdestinations.com, or calling 778-279-0111. For first time clients, we ask for a $50 deposit to confirm your booking. 

Cancellations are occasionally unavoidable, but must be made with at least 24 hours' notice for us. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled session will be billed as normal.