Woah! EP

Liam Sturgess

Released April 15th, 2018

Track listing:

  1. Woah!
  2. Woah! (Gavin Lopez-Smith Remix)
  3. Woah! (feat. From Ash and Dust)
  4. Woah! (Liam Carsley Remix)


Huge thanks to everybody who sings along... I feel your faith in me every time!
— Liam Sturgess

Written and original arrangement by Liam Sturgess // Additional arrangement by Brayden Wilkinson, Alex Balanko, Mark Daudlin, Liam Carsley and Kristian Goze // Original version mastered by ADG Mastering // Additional writing and performance by Braeden Daggett on Woah! (feat. From Ash and Dust), this version mixed and mastered by Liam Schmid at In the Zone Studios // Remixes by Liam Carsley and Gavin Lopez-Smith